No Load GE 12727

(Chris) #1

Hi all,

I just bought a smart things hub, and I bought a few GE 12727 switches. I have one installed and it works perfectly. However the second one is where I am having an issue.

When I took the original switch out, I only appear to have a Line, Ground, and red wire (assuming traveler wire), but I don’t have a load switch. The other odd thing, is there is no other light switch that controls the outlet, so I’m not sure why there is a red (possibly traveler) wire. When I looked at the original wiring, the red wire looked to be in the same location where I would expect the load wire to be. However, if I try to put it in the load location on the 12727, nothing happens, and I can’t power the switch.

I can’t seem to figure this out, and I’m confused at a missing Load wire. I saw someone saw you could possibly operate without a Load, but I’m unsure how exactly it should be wired. Anyone happen to have any help/suggestions?

Thanks for your time!

(Matt) #2

you have to have a switch somewhere you dont knbow about if what I am reading is accurate

(Ray) #3

You mentioned about switch and outlet. Usually 3 wires is required if you want to control a split outlet. If that’s the case then look at the switch and figure out which one is line hot with your meter. Once you figured that out then the other wire will be your load.