GE 12727 not working to control 2 lights

I want to add a smart switch for my porch/outside garage light. There is currently one switch that controls both lights. I tried a installing a standard GE Smart Switch but it won’t turn the lights, it’s like it doesn’t give enough power to the lights.

Does anyone have a recommendation that will work for my situation?


The switch doesn’t supply power, it just lets it through. So changing the switch should not have changed the available power to the lights. More likely there’s a wiring issue.

What’s the exact model of the switch that you used?

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The model is GE 12727 In-Wall Smart Switch

That should work then, other people will have to help you with the details of the wiring. I’ve changed the topic title so that people who know more about wiring this specific switch will see it and hopefully can comment.

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Ok. Thanks for the help

Agree with JD that this is most likely a wiring issue or maybe you have a bad switch. I have a GE switch powering 4 outdoor lights and it works great.

Have you determined your line and load wires? Also do you have a neutral wire in the gang box? A picture of the gang box that shows the wires coming in will help.

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Agree with @ritchierich; it is most likely miswired or a bad switch? Follow this How to Install video and let us know what might be different in your situation compared to the video so that we can help clarify.

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Also, make sure that you used the small screws in the package to hold on the face plate. If you decided to reuse the older screws from the original face plate, they are too long. I found this out the wrong way. I used them original (longer) screws for the face plate and I think they grounded out the switch. When I removed the screws, the lights miraculously worked again. Just something else to try. Good luck!

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Here is a picture of the box