Help needed for a GE In-wall smart switch 12727

I am needing help. I have it connected and when I flip the breaker back on the light comes on. However, the switch does not turn the light on or off and it cannot pair.

Can you take a pick of how you have it wired?

I can describe it. I have two red wires going to the traveler, bare wire going to ground, white wire going to neutral with the added cord attatched. It controls the livingroom light and there is a switch at each entrance of the livingroom if that helps/makes a difference?

Did you wire a zwave slave switch also?

no…I don’t know what that is. I have an add on switch to the otehr entrance way and it does not work either. I read that it was because Ihad to have the actual z wave switch installed. Neither work btw.

Ok so your primary switch is 12724, what is the model number of the add on switch (Slave switch).

The box for primary says 12727 and the add on says 12728

I also get a little shock when I touch it which also concerns me.

I tried to take a pic but it has two other switches in the box making the wiring a little tight

Are you sure you have the power going into the 12727 switch? It’s really tough for me to help without a full understanding of your homes wiring. Your traveler wire is normally red. Is it red all of the way through? I have some switches where my traveler wire changes color on the secondary switch.

No black wire?

Have you made sure which line is source from breaker?

You didn’t say anything about which wire was connected to load and or line.

Only one traveler that goes to slave aux.

No black wire. The old switch just had two red wires attached and a capped off white wire.


You got a multi meter? If not, stop! Goto your local hardware store and get one. This way you can determine which wire is which.

Ok. Got one. Let’s pretend like I’ve never done this before. next?

Tested the wires. I’m assuming the one with the higher reading is the line and then the the one is load with the white one being neutral? If so it still doesn’t work

using your multi-meter, try to determine which wiring configuration you have here