GE 12727 3 way light toggle switch $13.68

(Jim) #1

I found the GE 12727 3 way light toggle switch fo $13.68 at lowes Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404. if you buy 5 of them you get free shipping and use the $10 off $50 order brings them down to $11.68 and ebates 3% cash back.

(Bobby) #2

Any deals on the rocker switches/dimmers 12724

(Jim) #3

I don’t know my whole house is toggle so i have been waiting for a deal. these have been at this store at this price for sometime but could not get them to parcel ship them until today.

(Jim) #4

@SBDOBRESCU yes try lowes Lake Wales, FL 33859 they have those for $15.48 each.|0&pl=1

(Bobby) #5

You are awesome! What’s the 10 for 50 code, again? I have them in my cart

(Colin) #6

Yep I ordered same. got the 12728’s from Shelbyville, TN for 15.83 as well. Best I could find, but still odd to pay more for the slave/add on switch than the main one :slight_smile:

(Kevin) #7

I’m seeing the GE toggle dimmer 12729 also on sale at this store … $14.39

(Colin) #8

(Bobby) #9

This is crazy! 12.98 each. for 4…wow…Now I know how @bamarayne eneded up with so many extras…Thanks for sharing!

Iris Plug Gen 2- $12.60/ea - renovo coupon shipping available 2 locations!
(Gabe) #10

Can someone look for the
GE12722 non-dimmer switch
GE 12723 Addon
and the GE 12730 fan switch
I would greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

(Michael Hess) #11

Check topcashback for 6%. I’ve been using it for years with only one issue they eventually resolved via email. I don’t see it mentioned enough around here!

(Ted) #12

Bardstown, KY 1 $20.51
W. Philadelphia, PA 2 $20.51
Waycross, GA 1 $20.51
ST. George, UT 1 $20.51


Perfect timing! I just purchased and installed 4 toggle dimmers this weekend. $34 each after discounts. (Hate toggles but had to keep the vintage face plates)

Order 4 to take back to my local for a refund. Now what do I do with the extra $80.

Smart plug/repeaters!

(Ben Lebson) #14

I have a feeling that these are going on clearance as the new z-wave plus ones should be coming out soon (including one with a built in motion detector).

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #15

I just ordered 8 of them. Been waiting for a fire sale like this for months. :wink:

(Bobby) #16

Needed a couple got four. Should have gotten more but already ordered outlets. My daily HA budget exceeded, although O may have burnt my chances of convincing ‘someone’ that we really need a SkyBell. I am afraid that my ears will ring if I even mention automated door bell.

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #17

I did the “stick the reed switch in the doorbell solnoid” trick for mine and put a Blink cam up. :wink:
Now I can see when Amazon (or Lowes in this case) delivers my toys.
I bet it would be cool to get a skybell though!

(Bobby) #18

Yeah, so you can tell the delivery guy ‘Thank you’ for dropping off your new toys

(Colin) #19

only if it works better than Ring. So much lag.

(Jim) #20

I am going to try and make my own, with a blink camera since I have a covered porch. I do not care if they ring the bell or not just want to see if anyone comes up to the door.