GE 12724 switch new ST Hub

I was having connectivity issues with my ST Hub. I contacted support (great team there) and they sent me a new Hub, free of charge.

I’m trying to get my switch reinstalled on the new Hub. It’s a GE 12724 dimmer switch with add-on, 3 way light setup. Support gave me this link,

I’m completely struggling in trying to ‘reset’ the switch and add it to my new hub. In attempting to get this going I removed the old hub. Not a big deal on that, but I’d really like get my switches going again.

Any help would be great. I’m totally stuck.

Have you run a zwave exclusion? You need to do that to tell the switch it’s OK to connect to another hub. Instructions are here from one of the articles from the link you posted:

So I can run the exclusion in the NEW hub instructing the switch that it can connect to a new one.

I’ve removed the old hub from my account. How do I run that exclusion without the old hub activated on my account. I also logged into the Smartthings website and removed the hub from there, too.

Did that screw things up beyond repair?

It doesn’t matter which hub runs the exclusion. You can run it on the new hub.

From my phone, I performed the exclusion via the app. I then followed this link ( also from support. My LED doesn’t flash and it acts just like a normal 3 way switch. It is not discoverable in the ST app.

I purchased this switch from Amazon (

I was able to get Alexa hooked up to the hub!

So, I got it going. It was a combination of your comments and this link Linear WD500Z-1 HELP!. Put the hub in exclusion mode then follow the removal process for the switch. What I was doing was making them mutually exclusive. Once the hub was excluding then followed the removal instructions, things were a breeze.

Thanks for your help. I hope this post people in the future.

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