GD00Z-4 Reviews and Opinion


(Emerson Vier) #1

I want to buy GD00Z-4, I use the to tracking best price.

Every week I receive alerts about good deal from used device who some people return, I do not understand why people returned this.

This device work well with Smartthings? some advice? some tips?

(Dan P Parker) #2

I bought and installed the Iris rebranded version (GD-00Z-1) this past weekend and so far it works great with ST. The only aggravating part was that I had to get it within 2" of the ST hub before the security key exchange part of the pairing process would complete successfully. But after that it was a cinch to install and has worked flawlessly. Of course, 6 days experience isn’t a lot to go on…but, so far so good.

(cory) #3

I have one, and haven’t had any issues with it. I did plug it in and pair it near my hub, then moved to the garage and it’s been flawless. No problems controlling via smartthings. I have been notified a few times that I’ve forgotten to close the garage door (via smartapp). I can control it via Alexa as well, although you have to say “turn on garage door”. I did see returned items on amazon as well… the only complaints I read were about controlling certain garage door openers, but mine had the proper terminals and worked fine.

(Jason) #4

I have one, no problems at all, works great.


i could not get it to work with my Liftmaster Security+ (not MyQ) model…
tried soldering, everything that was suggested. couldn’t make it work, returned. i was able to get to the point to open the garage but then the power to the motor would die, and only resolution was to take out and plug back in.

(Tyler Durden) #6

I was able to set it up and get it operational with ST very easily with my old 1/3 HP LiftMaster. But I don’t use my garage very often, and in fact, I just tried opening it, and it didn’t work! It started to pull the door open, then stopped almost immediately. There seemed to be some issue with the open/close sensor. The battery was fine. After I opened and closed the door without ST, it seemed to correct the issue. I’ll keep an eye on it. Has anyone else seen this? I am using @RBoy’s custom DTH instead of the out of box one. Perhaps that is a contributing factor.

(rich) #7

I purchased this from lowes $50.00 when i bought it

and it works great for me with ST. it says on package that iris hub is required but that is BS.

(Michael) #8

Mine works just fine as well. It was a bit of a pain to get it all paired up and functional initially, but it has been stable for months. I think the pain of troubleshooting is what turns people off and causes them to return it. Very difficult to tell if it is a pairing issue, a door sensor issue, or an overall compatibility issue.

The “beeper” in mine seems to have died so when the door is triggered, the light flashes, but there is no tone anymore.

(Dan P Parker) #9

The most consistent complaint I’ve seen is about the same issue I encountered, which was the difficulty of getting the security key exchange to work during pairing. I know that for security reasons the Z-Wave spec requires that controllers and devices be extra close to one-another for this operation, but one would think that 18" should be close enough for this. But I could not get it to work until I got the device literally within 2" of the hub. Other than that, I have no gripes so far.

( - Make your home your butler!) #10

There could be two reasons:

  1. The door hinge/springs are stuck or going bad. Most motors are sensitive to unbalanced doors, so if it senses “pressure” on the door (try holding the door for e.g.) the motor stops. This is likely the cause.
  2. If the sensor is bad or located in a non optimal location that you can test easily, just remove it and manually change the state (vertical for closed and horizontal for open)

(Bill Ho) #11

I got mine from Lowes for $65 several months ago. It actually went down to $45 after coupon recently. It works fine with both Iris v2 and ST v2 hubs. Initially, I had some connection stability problem but I have not had any issue in the last 2 months perhaps after I have added more devices that work as repeater.

(Emerson Vier) #12

Thank you very much for all answers.

I AM will still waiting for better price to buy GD00Z-4 I want ZWAVE PLUS.