GD00Z-4 Linear GoControl Notification Issues

I have done some preliminary searching attempting to find information on my issue but I have not been successful. There is another forum discussing a false intrusion notification but that is not what I am getting.

I installed a GoControl GD00Z-4 with no issues and it worked great for a month or two. I set it up to notify me anytime the garage is opened and then again when it is closed. The house we are renting doesn’t have any sort of lock on the door leading from the garage into the house so if the garage door is open then our entire house is open. My brother and his girlfriend are in and out frequently throughout the day so having this as a security blanket to know the garage is always kept closed was a nice thought. However I keep getting false open and close notifications. No action will be taken by anyone. Nobody opening or closing the garage but I will get 3 notifications right in a row. Two for opening then one for closing. It all happens so fast that it is definitely not a real open or close event and the garage doesn’t move at all. I am unsure why I get two open notifications too. That has happened since day one and happens even with real “garage opened” events. These false notifications are random and can happen for an entire day every hour or so but sometimes I wont get any for a couple days. I have gotten pretty good at weeding out the fake notifications but I can’t always be sure. If someone is opening my garage that isn’t supposed to I need to know.

These controllers are all made from the same hardware, just rebranded. There is a known issue with the firmware where it sends “opening” events when nothing happens. The root cause we tracked it down to was fluctuations in the power source. The best solution was to attach a local UPS to the power source of the garage door opener.

The other option is to use a custom device handler and Smartapp which ignore these false notifications and just rely on the actual opened and closed notifications (ignore the opening/closing).

Another back up option would be a tilt sensor on the garage door and have it confirm it the GDZ’s readings are correct or personally a better idea would be to put a cheap camera like a Blink or a Foscam which you can use to look at the actual garage door if ever in doubt.

I have the same thing going on with my Linear opener, only it started happening after having it installed and working correctly for about 4 months. Mine would send an open, then about 30 seconds to a minute or so later send a close. While a quick up/down I can ignore, that much of a gap in time could be a real event. We have unplugged the controller and re-plugged it back in which seems to have fixed the problem, however every once in awhile I get a false event. So if what your saying is correct @RBoy, is that all I need to do is add a UPS to regulate the power, one note is that this opener is plugged into the ceiling of my garage. Ironically this started happening after our city took down our whole power grid for about 4 hours trying to “improve” the lines. I already have tilt sensors on, but the notification are annoying and it makes me have to check every time it happens to see if it’s really down or up. Any suggestions on a good UPS that will not cost a mint?