Linear Garage door opened with ping command

I had a strange issue last night. around 4:46 am my 3rd stall opened and then stated it was closed about 8 minutes later. It fired off my home late routine and turned on my lights as it should have, but I have no idea if it was actually opened and how.

From the log:
2017-08-22 4:46:11.638 AM CDT ping command was sent to 3rd Stall
2017-08-22 4:46:11.713 AM CDT 3rd Stall door is opening
2017-08-22 4:46:11.718 AM CDT 3rd Stall was opened (Not sure it could open that fast…)
2017-08-22 4:54:04.165 AM CDT 3rd Stall door is closed
2017-08-22 4:54:04.170 AM CDT 3rd Stall was closed

Normally when I open with the app, I would see a “open command was sent to Main Bay” and then a “close command was sent to Main Bay”

I would say someone pressed the button, but no one was up.
Any ideas on how this could have happened?

This issue is an old one. Garage opening on their own. That is why I always recommend on my old post to to add an in-line power outlet to turn off the relay while it is not needed.

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I guess I could understand the opening issues after reading your posts, but not how it could close 9 minutes later. It’s possible I have a short in one of my wires, but I would not expect the ping command to trigger it. I’m going to check my wiring to the button, I have a Myq opener and I had to wire the contacts over to the smart switch to trigger the door. Thanks for the info.

I am not an engeneer, however going back to the start of SmartThings, there have been lots of reports of garages going haywire. That is why ST is no longer advising to setup unattanded automations for connected garages. And you may find many postings by myself and @JDRoberts about not recommending automating your garage. As for me, my STRONG recommendation is that, If you Automate it…Than Secure it with a CUTOFF PowerPlug or Outlet which Only you control. This way, even if there is a hickup in the system, there will need to be more then one thing ON to open your garage; and no one will be able to direclty overtake controll of your garage.


I don’t have a blanket recommendation to not automate garage doors. My recommendation is to only use UL listed devices for garage doors, which do include the Linear/GoControl unit. And to be aware that it may open or close on its own, particularly when used with a cloud-based system like SmartThings.

Adding a secondary device as a safety back up sounds like a good idea to me, but if it was me I would probably make it a different protocol than the garage door controller. That would further reduce the possibility of a cloud hiccup causing a problem.


For automations, I don’t have any that open the doors, only ones that turn on lights when it’s late at night and they are opened, either via remote or the app. Could these cause an issue?
So the best scenario, I would replace the receptacle the opener is plugged into with a Zwave switched receptacle or a zigbee appliance switch, turn it off at night or while away and the fire it up, the Zwave opener will stay powered all the time it just won’t open anything unless the receptacle is on for the opener. I’m leaning more towards the zwave as I have less connectivity problems with them over the zigbee sensors.
Can’t things just work. :slight_smile:


Just passing a long more information in case anyone else has the issue. I assumed since my event log stated the door was opened, it actually was. I set up a camera and nope, never opened. I then assumed I had a loose or bad sensor, then after a restart of my hub, I it now has switched to the other garage door. It happens around the same time every night (4:36am Give or take a few minutes).
That being the case, I believe the hub events are in error as my door is not opening. Maybe someone gets home at that time and it is adding the events to my hub.I have turned off the Smart lights app to see if I still get the events.

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I’ve had the same issue with my gocontrol garage door opener. I’ve been getting 1-3 alerts a day, maybe one or two days a week for the last couple weeks. Like you, I also have a camera set up in the garage, and each time I see the intrusion alert from smartthings, I’ll check and the door hasn’t actually opened. And, just like you, the door states that it was closed ~8 minutes later.

Are you using the smart lighting app? I disconnected the app and haven’t seen the events. It’s only been a couple of days so it may be coincidental. Now if I could just keep my items online… Hopefully they get these issues corrected soon, ready to look for alternatives.

Did anyone ever figure out this issue or is everyone just ignoring the false notifications? I have been getting these notifications multiple times a week and every time I check my camera the garage door has not opened. It sometimes occurs multiple times a day and sometimes skips a few days. It doesn’t seem to be related to wind or any other vibration causing a false alarm either.

The events list always seems to start with 2 ping commands sent within a second to the opener followed by “Garage Door” is opening (Door), followed by “Garage Door” was opened (Contact). Either immediately (within a second or so) or about 8 minutes later "Garage Door is closed (Door) and Garage Door was closed (Contact).

Is there a way to see what is sending the ping command? Have there been any firmware updates in the past 2 years that we might be able to push to the z-wave garage door opener? Any other solutions to these false notifications?