GD00Z-4 False Messages

Hello Guys,

I’ve had my GD00Z-4 garage opener connected for ages, no problems at all. Now it’s started telling me the garage door is open when it isn’t and then says it’s closed a couple of minutes later. I know the door isn’t opening as I have a camera in there and there’s no movement.

Could this be a battery issue in the tilt sensor? Anyone else had this problem?

When this is happening is it pretty windy outside perhaps? I’ve had this happen to me with my setup that uses a tilt sensor on the garage door. The wind knocks the door hard enough to trip the sensor which causes it to temp show as being open.

No, it’s not really windy at all today and it’s been much much windier in the past banging against the door. Plus it’s on a rail so it would have to be tornado style wind to really make it think it had flipped 90 degrees!! :slight_smile:

All it has to do is knock it enough for the sensor inside to flip. It’s a simple basic sensor, not something advanced like what’s in our phones. I’ve had really windy days where it didn’t do anything and other days when it was windy but not much and it triggered it. Could be this or could be something else though.

mine did this 2 or 3 times one day in the past. I said i was going to replace the battery, but never did. Just stopped on its own.

Yes seen it happen due to voltage fluctuations, was discussed here also: