Garage Door Sensor - Random open/closed

Garage door sensor randomly goes from open/closed throughout the day. I have tried both a monoprice tilt sensor and GoControl contact sensor. This is my furthest device away from the hub. I have an Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch that is 5 feet away and also installed a FS20Z-1 to try to extend the z-wave network. I did run a repair 3 times after installing the FS20Z-1. Any other ideas? Should I purchase a z-wave extender? Is there another device I can use for the garage door?

Are you using GoControl to open and close door or just the their sensor?

What about GoControls tilt sensor… double check the orientation , make sure it is mounted straight up and down, not turned to left or right, remove the battery for 30 seconds, then put it back in

I use an EcoLink Tilt Sensor that is generally reliable. There are occasional false alarms (1 every few months). Not sure what causes the false alarms. I suspect temperature change has something to do with it. But it doesn’t happen enough to really investigate the issue.

im using myq to open/close. Pulling the battery resolves the issue for a couple of hours. I have also tried a new battery and mounting it sitting flat and also up against the door. I might have to figure out some kind of wifi option or maybe try zigbee.

Functionality of tilt sensors is influenced by factors such as gravity, vibration, temperature, zero offset, linearity, cross-axis sensitivity, acceleration/deceleration, shock, moisture, and tolerance stacking of tilt sensors.

I know its a pain and nothing you want to hear but you may want to consider switching to Linear GoControl

Chamberlain is having numerous problems with that up it , especially as they age.

Another option is to toss a multipurpose sensor on the door and set it to “garage door”, but I’m not sure if that will be anymore than a bandaid because the way myq is set up the open/close isn’t just based on what tilt sensor reads.

Contact sensor seems to be working better. Tilt sensor is still random. If the contact sensor fails i’ll build something out of an esp8266 or c.h.i.p. I have a few of those hanging around.

With the contact sensor, specifically multipurpose sensor, the 3 axis accelerometer in it will be the most accurate way of determining any movement. Have you tried using one of those yet?