Device Status randomly reported incorrectly?

Anyone ever have any tilt/contact sensors report incorrectly? Last night I had my garage door position sensor report that it was open at 8:40pm. The door was in-fact closed. It then triggered one of my Core Pistons to execute at 9pm to automatically close the garage door if it was left open. I actually caught it at 9pm when the garage actually opened at 9pm instead of closed like it should have.

I’ve had this setup for over a year with zero problems and it has always worked correctly until an odd thing happened last night.

Anything that would randomly cause this?

I’ve had sensors act weird (false active signals) when the battery is below a certain threshold, every sensor seems to have a different threshold. IE when my front door goes below 60% it acts weird but the back door sensor can go way below 50% before having issues.

I have had my Garage Door sensors changed to open because of moderate to heavy winds hitting the garage door when closed.

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It sounds like you have some very sensitive tilt sensors. If you ever decide to use a contact sensor instead this works great for garage door use.

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That is a good idea and I bet it responses quicker to an open event because it probably tilts earlier than if directly mounted to the garage door. But the open and close logic would need to be reversed, correct?

I guess that pic is a little deceiving. It is mounted directly on the door, the door does need to go up about 6in before it tilts enough to “open” the contact sensor, so wind rattling the door wouldn’t be enough to “open” the contact.

My initial design (not on thingiverse) mounted to the trolley on drive track and the other half of contact sensor was suspended from ceiling, this provided faster response but I had issues with the trolley not always landing in the same spot when the door closed because the foundation of my garage moves up/down about 2in based on the temperature outside…

I suppose wind is possible but not convinced. I’ve had major wind before and never had them report incorrectly. I would lean more toward a low battery.