Ecolink Zwave Tilt Sensor

Does anyone else have issues w/ Ecolink tilt sensor reporting the wrong status at times? it is really random saying my garage door is open. If i open and close it again it appears to report correctly, but it is just randomly not reporting closed.

Mine has been my most reliable sensor. Did you bend the little sensor inside on purpose/by accident? Does it seem overly sensitive, or just sticky? Does it ever stick closed? If you flick it with your finger, does it then work? (it’s a mechanical device on the inside) Is it a standard garage door with the sensor located vertically up and down on the door?

I suspect a sticky sensor inside (or one bent to detect the tilt very quickly, but too close to the edge of working/not working). All guesses. Could be software too I suppose, I think we need more information to diagnose.

I haven’t bent it on purpose inside, and it has been pretty reliable but the last few months i’ve been getting more and more where it thinks it is open. I’ll open it up and see what is going on. It is standard garage door and is veritcal.

I’ll open it up and see if it is bent at all.



If you never opened it up before, it’s doubtful it’s bent then. Careful opening/bending, I have heard of this tweak only by people who want to make it more sensitive.

I am having the same issue, plus doesn’t show proper battery condition. Shows just two - - for battery.