Garage door not opening all the way after Iris controller lost connection and i had to delete it and re add it

My Iris Garage door controller never seemed to work (always said disconnected after being connected for a day or so) when i had it hooked up with Iris but once i made the switch to Smartthings back in February it has worked flawlessly up until a few weeks ago…

I opened up my Smartthings app and noticed it said my Garage door was disconnected. I tried repairing the z wave with no luck so finally had to exclude it and remove it then add it again.

Now when i open my Garage door even manually without Smartthings every time i notice the Iris module blinks and makes the beeping noise. It only did that before when i opened it remotely via Smartthings. It always closes all the way but when i open it via Smarththings or manually it randomly will not open fully by a foot or so. When i close it a little and reopen it right away it goes all the way up as it should. When it doesn’t open fully my truck will not clear so I’ve been having to be very cautious when backing in or pulling out. Any suggestions on how to fix this?