Smartthings with Galaxy Watch and lights

First post, so didn’t scroll through all to see if someone else thought about this, but I would like to see the Smartthings app on the Galaxy watch to be able to link multiple lights, and/or be able to adjust brightness with a turn of the dial, much like you would with the volume while talking with someone through your watch. Smartthings is obviously newer, so I know there are bugs, but I know you can adjust the brightness on the phone app, but not watch app. Or if you can, can someone explain to me how to do this. I’ve tried multiple ways… Also Bixby doesn’t like it when I tell her to do scenes.

I did this by creating a virtual switch that I use to set lighting for watching TV at night. I used WebCoRE. I made the switch to control several other real switches, customized the Dimmer settings, etc.
I don’t know about the bezel controlling dimmers though.

Anyone have any experience with the samsung galaxy watch and smarrthings.

I have a virtual device that controls my lightsrip just dandy from the new app on my phone. The watch however never updates status and I cannot control. Any ideas on what the device handler might need to make it compliant for the watch?