New app, MyStatus, Galaxy Watch

V3 hub, Samsung A8 (Android 9) 1.7.42-22, Galaxy Watch
(Europe (eu01-euwest1), Finland)

Can not use the watch in any automation as a presence.
I’m able to control devices and scenes from the watch.

Deleted classic app from phone (only New app in use now)
deleted smartthings app from watch
deleted MyStatus from IDE

Re-installed app to my watch.

result: instead of 2 locations, “myhomeplace” and “MyStatus” I have now 3 locations: “myhomeplace”, “MyStatus” and “Home”

Love to have only one location…

I have the same problem… every time I add the Active watch , a new location called “MyStatus” appears on Ide interface.
In new ST app it is no visible, but in old app it is switchable.

Still not working, no help from support… asked ST support, they told me to contact Samsung EU support, because I live in Finland. Tried to ask from EU support, no reply at all.
This is going nowhere… SmartThings should be StrangeThings…

Samsung Support said to send error log…but simply it doesn’t work, there are no error…:pensive:

reply from support:
“Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use the watch as a presence sensor or use it as a trigger for an automation. The watch will just give you the ability to control devices and scenes. Apologies, for any inconvenience this causes.”

so… I guess there is no way to make it work :frowning:

The support, in my opinion, doesn’t understand the problem…in the past the status worked perfectly. I remember in the past year I created an automation with my watch…turn tv off when I sleep…

I think you are right.
Why ST people don’t know their devices??
No one can explain the “MyStatus” location??
WTF?? This is just expensive playground…