Galaxy A7 Lite and smart tags

I bought a smarttag today and after not being able to download SmartThings from the playstore for the Tab A7 Lite I downloaded it from the Galaxy store.
But my problem is that I can’t connect or even find my tags. I ended up pulling out ab old S7 and setting it up no problem. Is there something I’m doing wrong with the A7 lite tablet? I’ve made sure everything from tablet to app to smart tags is updated. Even tried installing from the qr code and doesn’t work.

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Sadly, it doesn’t work with the tablets. It depends on technology which is only available in galaxy phones. From the official product page.

Galaxy SmartTag is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones⁴.

  1. Galaxy SmartTag is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones. Use with a Galaxy smartphone running Android 8.0 or higher with 2.0GB RAM and above. SmartThings app required.

Thanks. I thought it would work with this one as it also has sim card

It is compatible with tablets as well.

Please note: you can only connect SmartTags to Samsung mobile devices & tablets, you cannot connect a SmartTag to a non-Samsung device. Your Samsung mobile must be running Android 8.0 or later

I am using it with a Samsung Tab 6 lite and it works.

The only problem I have with the app is that, after adding a Smart Tag, I can’t enter device menu (the one in which you can see also battery level).
Find feature works, both map and nearby.