Fun topic: Anyone else lost a sensor thats still online?

Anyone else have this happen?

I’ve now lost 2 sensors that are still online and broadcasting, but I have no idea where they are. One is a zwave motion sensor, other a zigbee contact sensor. Both are happily sending battery updates but no motion or open/close to help figure out where in the heck they are.




Lol, yeah… even though i gave one of my sensors a name i thought made sense, i moved it for testing and now can’t find it. I suspect my wife didn’t like the placement and moved it on me and now neither of us remember.

yup! Although in my case it was a set of keys with an Iris remote on it. It was still online, so I knew they were in the house somewhere :joy: Went several weeks like that until I finally found them.

I have kind of the opposite now: a random zigbee device keeps joining my network and I have no idea what it is. Googling the details using a Zigbee thing driver it’s some sort of power supply. :man_shrugging:

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Thats fun! I have an Ecowitt gateway that all of a sudden started capturing rainfall data. We don’t have a rainfall sensor. The neighbor behind and 1 house down apparently does.

How about temperature updates? Fire up a space heater and park it in each room for an hour until you see the sensor respond…

I wish! Neither sensor gives temperature updates. They must be in a drawer somewhere.

I’ve had a Sensative Strips Comfort sending temperature reports for years and I have no clue where it’s located.

The lux value doesn’t change so I’m guessing if fell under or behind something…

Quite common for me to loose items, i name them, use them, unplug them and move them… then forget to rename them

I had a zigbee plug called Xmas lights in the house after christmas, took 5 months to find exactly where it was and what it was controling

So loosing items is par of the course in my house