Fun plant wintering protection project, need device reccomendations

Hi everyone,

I have some plants that can’t handle freezing temperatures that I would like to be able to leave outside during the winter. I have some c9 christmas lights that put out a good deal of heat that i’ve heard of people using on a timer at night to prevent freeze damage.

I would like the option of having a temperature sensor turn on an outlet (with the connected lights) when the temperature goes below 40,50, etc (obviously I’d have to calibrate when it should turn on once the project is all assembled) but then again turn the outlet off if the temperature goes above 60 or 70ish to not waste energy, not damage my plants from heat.

I need a smart outlet (i already have some cheap ones but I’d be willing to get a new one) that is compatible with scenarios or IFTTT or something, as well as a decent temperature sensor (hopefully better than 2 degrees accuracy). It’s most important that both of these respond in a reasonable amount of time, I’ve had IFTTT scenarios take 30-1 hour to actually run and that won’t work for this. I’ve been thinking about the smart things platform at least as a hub even if the temperature sensors aren’t good (i’ve read a lot of older posts about them not being accurate but not as much on the newer sensors).

Any temperature sensors with this functionality y’all’d recommend? Anything you think I’m missing to make this project work? I’m all good on the plant end, I just need help with the device end!


I’m in the US! North Carolina to be exact.

I do not yet have a smartthings hub although I will be buying whichever I need.

I know there are two versions but I’ll probably get the newest one.


Actually… I think there are about 6 to 7 versions of ST Hubs in the US…

  1. ST Hub v1 (the original!)
  2. ST Hub v2 (the most popular)
  3. Nvidia Shield + ST USB Stick
  4. ST ADT Hub
  5. ST WiFi Router/Mesh Network/Hub (1st gen)
  6. ST Hub 2018 (aka v3) - replacement for #2 above - half the CPU/RAM, but adds WiFi connectivity and improved mesh network security
  7. ST WiFi Router/Mesh Network/Hub (2nd gen) - Not 100% sure about this one…but I think they released it recently.

I meant two versions of the app! Isn’t there like the older one people like and then the new one they’re trying to fade in?

But I’d probably get #2 or #3 of the normal ST hub, not the router or the ADT hub

Whatever is cheapest but still has the functionality I want, where I can hook up a cheap temperature sensor that will record temp and have it turn on an outlet. ( I don’t care how the recording takes place as long as I can access the data somehow)