Need help with a temperature sensor project

Hi all,

I’m looking to buy a smartthings hub and an inexpensive temperature sensor. I have some outdoor plants and some heating bulbs and I want to use the bulbs to protect the plants during the winter.

The bare minimum I need is for a temperature sensor to turn on an outlet when the temperature goes below a degree threshold.

It be nice to also be able to record the temperatures overtime but the bare functionality is all I need. Can the smartthings temperature sensor be used like this?

Can anyone help me?

You wouldn’t even need a temp sensor. You would use a weather smart app (like AccuWeather) and Webcore. With this you could make a simple piston to turn on the outlet based on the current outside temp.

I would agree with @DavinD on the temperature, but if you don’t want to go that route, you can get a multisensor (there are dozens out there now, it seems, I have Aeotec’s multisensor 6) that you could place outside under a eave or something (to keep it out of direct sunlight) and setup a smartlighting or other similar rule.

door contacts and other sensors, may have temperature built-in, for cheap. Then temperature level notification can be done by built-in phone-app-classic/ SmartHomeMonitor , and control by SmartLighting .

Not sure what the new phone-app(…Connect?) can implement.

+1 to use weather app and webCoRE. I have a contact sensor in the mailbox (Visonic) and it has held up for a couple of years now. You could use one of those in some sort of water proof box…

For the Plug, the GE Outdoor Plugs have proven to be very reliable for me.

Hi all

My full setup will be a clear tarp over the plants that have the lights strung on them. I would like a sensor inside of the tarp so that it turns off before overheating inside of the insulating tarp. I don’t think pulling weather data from the web will be enough. Also I’m on the second floor so there’s no ground insulation which will definitely change how fast the temp changes throughout the day.

I have overheated plants before doing this years ago with just the tarp and turning them off and on when I went to sleep.

They’re kind of pricey but I’ve been looking at the wireless tag ones? Kumoapp I think? They are advertised as pretty responsive. Anyone have luck with those?

Fibaro Door/Window sensor and Qubino have connections for an external temperature sensor.

Fibaro runs a battery, Qubinos operate well on a 24V power supply (in addition to the regular line voltage).