From the Device on your Wrist [COMPLETE THE SENTENCE]

From the device on your wrist… (now this sounds like the S3 app is launching)…


I wish they would. I’ve got an S3 frontier I can’t do anything with.

i think we’re all hoping for the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get your hopes up :poop:


Sorry for spoiling your marketing campaign…But here is the preview…


Pleasantly surprised to find out it’s Garmin

And even though the image says 4/19 it’s available now


How exactly is this not available for a Samsung watch? Wth?


One long word…beaurecracy…


Other priorities…:sunglasses:

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This seriously pisses me off!

I am glad it’s a Garmin, makes it easier to stick to my solution - looks better than a Garmin, anyway :smile: :smile:

Very ‘welcoming’ messages on Twitter… @bamarayne looks like your question got an answer…and a thumb up

This is like going to a Chevy dealer to get a new truck… And all they have is Toyota’s!

Is more like all they have is bicycles…

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Well dang. I had no clue what this thread was about from the title. Finally dropped in and read it. Cool, I have a Garmin I’m about to try this out.

UPDATE: Well, it works.


Most people still don’t wear “smart” watches do they?

Most people don’t, but millions of people do, and most of the people who do are exactly the kind of people who buy other electronics gadgets, including home automation. So that bit makes sense.

And for those who are curious, Garmin does sell more wearables than either Apple or Samsung, but that includes fitness trackers which wouldn’t be able to run this particular app. When it comes to just watches, Apple comes in first and probably Samsung comes in second but there’s no hard data. Garmin is definitely in the top four, though. Samsung is hard to estimate because a lot of its watches are sold in bundles with its phones, so they don’t get reported in the regular retail sales data.


I think the fair analysis would be iOS vs. Android Wear vs. Tizen vs. Garmin, etc … :slight_smile:

But let’s put some numbers…

Yeah, that’s the IDC wearables chart. It includes all the fitness bands, not just watches. Plus, IDC is just estimating based on their sources –Canalys, which uses different sources, regularly disputes the IDC numbers.

So again, no hard data. :sunglasses:

Both firms pegged Apple and the Apple Watch as the top seller — Canalys said 46 percent of shipments, IDC speculated 41 percent — but disagreed on who came next, and with what marketshare.

“Hard data” would be numbers from the device manufacturers themselves… But none of them release them. :wink:

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I did not buy a smart watch for the longest time as I’m one of the few who actually still wears real watches (I collect them). But, I am a runner so I bought a Garmin vivosmart hr and during the day and when I run that is what I have on. I keep the real watches for going out, etc. The Garmin just happens to have other smarts but it’s not what I bought it for.