SmartThings Garmin Connect IQ app

So Garmin is having a Connect IQ summit this week and apparently there is now a SmartThings Connect IQ app for the newer crop of Garmin devices.

SmartThing Garmin Connect IQ app

I’ve loaded it onto my fenix 5 and it has a list of my SmartThings Routines and although I haven’t tested anything yet I’m curious to see how it works.


Thanks I installed it, but not sure how much I will use it.

Be great if Smartthings could take events such as waking up from the watch, or if the watch could be used as a presence sensor.

Whereas I agree it would be nice… I noticed that when it was possible to do this sort of thing using the Jawbone activity tracker there was too much lag for it to be useful.

I should also add that one of the downsides of this sort of thing is that my watch doesn’t distinguish if I’m actually waking up or just going to the bathroom.

I will also add it would be nice to have it as a presence sensor but not sure how well that would work either since it would require the use of either bluetooth or wifi to connect and bluetooth range is too short whereas Wifi is a battery hog.

Am sure you’re right regarding the presence sensor.

With regards to the waking up…I meant via the alarm! :laughing: Just having a way of triggering Sonos, lights and the weather when my alarm goes off would be awesome, even with a bit of lag.

That would be a very useful integration… except when for when I am away from home… or if I’m only wanting to wake myself up not my wife.

I would love to see an IFTTT channel from Garmin (which doesn’t exist and is unrelated to SmartThings).

When I first read about this feature, I though it was pretty lame. The watch connects to the phone via Bluetooth, so you have your phone with you in any case. So big deal that you can do some limited stuff from your watch when it’s easier to just whip out your phone and have the full app available.

But then I got to think - I go running from home a lot in the early morning or early evening when there are either nobody at home, or everyone is asleep. So I have to always take a key with me. I don’t run with my phone but my Garmin connects to the phone in the house via Bluetooth when I am still outside stretching after my runs.

So I have now found a use case for this feature! I created a routine that opens the garage door. This allows me to pull the locked doors closed behind me when I go out for a run, and then come back and open the garage door from my watch, without having to bother to carry keys with me. Pretty cool :).


This is exactly what I was looking for @Dan999. I don’t really use the routines but I forgot that you could just set up a routine to open the garage door or turn on the lights. Thanks!

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Has anyone figured out to reorder routines on the watch app? I have a Fenix5x and have tried using number in front of the routine name in the phone app but the watch still arranges in a random order. The app/routines work great. Controlling all my devices but since it is a routine your have to create on for On and another for Off which is kind of a bummer. Be better is tap for on and then tap again of off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.