SmartThings App missing from Galaxy Watch 3

Just plugging this topic over here since I posted it on the Samsung support forms and haven’t seen anything yet. The SmartThings app is not available on the new Galaxy Watch 3, even though it was avilable on the Watch Active 2. Would like to get this approved ASAP as I use it!


I noticed the same thing. Had the app on my original Galaxy Watch and when I got the watch 3 I could not find the app.

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I have Gear S3 and smartthing work, but on my new Galaxy watch 3 not.

What gives Samsung? Where is the Smartthings app for the Galaxy Watch 3?

Just spent the better part of this afternoon getting the runaround from samsung support about this. Made me factory reset my GW3 and then point me in smartthings direction… anyone have a ticket in with smartthings?

Same problem here. Shouldn’t Smart things be available on their newest flagship watch?

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One would think!

Also not showing: Nest for Gear, CNN, Amazon Dash. Of those, I miss Nest (check my thermostats) as well as SmartThings, of course.

Yeah, same here :frowning: Hopefully its a quick fix… Being able to control my Smartthing stuff was one of the main reasons I got the Watch3…

Same things here. I am not able to install the app on my galaxy watch 3. :rage:

Looking for this also if anyone has any updates about it.

I also bought the watch 3 for smartthings and also strava use but neither on the store. I’ve raised this with Samsung and awaiting a response as they were of the main reasons I bought the watch 3 for


Good to see its not just me being stupid. How can such a massive part of samsungs eco system be missing on their flagship device, when accessible on older devices like the gear for example. Cant knock the watch at all but Samsung are really beginning to loose their way after being I would say, leaders in the smart home game. Interested to hear peoples response from Samsung specialists :+1:

So far I’ve spoken to Samsung support initially who offered the basic by the book troubleshooting steps and then “suggested I talk to SmartThings support”. SmartThings support were even worse because they couldn’t even read my email and started talking about the Galaxy Gear Watch…? After requesting to speak to a manager… SmartThings support acknowledged the issue and then “suggested i talk to Galaxy Wearable Technical Support”… Gave up at that point. Based on how they keep trying to push the issue onto the next guy… i don’t expect to see any progress with this for some time. Samsung Support :-1: :-1: Pasted their responses below…

To be honest, I have the smartthings app on my original Galaxy Watch and the app is that slow that it is barely even worth having.

Every time I open that app on the watch I have to wait at least a minute or two for it to sync and display the list of my devices, by the time I then scroll through all of my devices to find the one I am after I have to wait another 10 - 15 seconds for it to refresh the device status and allow me to toggle the device on/off.

ST app is available in Galaxy store for Watch 3 now. But I can’t run app after installing. Widgets is not working as well “Can’t load data” message showing

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Same here. It’s something wrong with the app. It’s also a 2019 version. Looks like it appeared by mistake.

Still not showing for me. Nordic/Swedish region.

Same for me. Can install it but it does not load.

Same… installs on my Watch 3 but when I try to launch it, literally nothing happens.