Frient Zigbee Devices ? (UK)

@Andrew_Bartlett mentioned a Frient relay in another thread and I was curious if anyone in the UK has tried these. Zigbee 3.0 , look nicely engineered, decent prices in the middle range.

In addition to the usual models, they also have a heat alarm (something often requested for garages since smoke sensors often get false alarms from car exhaust)

They also offer two models of door sensors, one with a temperature sensor and a less expensive one without. And what looks like a nice humidity sensor.

These all promise multi year battery life with standard AA batteries. They are larger than the aqara sensors, but may be better at staying connected to the network.

Most models have a “works with smartthings“ logo.

Anyway, I just wondered if anyone has tried them. They don’t seem to be available in the US at present.

Heat sensor doesnt currently work with Smarthings, as I found out to my cost - it for a garage for that very reason which does have a car in.
It loud though so Ill keep it with hope they add it soon, all other devices look like they work.

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I have a couple of the smoke alarms on the way from amazon so I will post how they are. Frient Amazon UK Shop frient
I sent Frient an email asking why the heat detector is not supported in ST.

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Because @RBoy hasn’t wrote the DH for Develco yet.


Many more products in the works :wink:

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your email.

We are waiting for the approval from SmartThings, in order to have the device supported.

We hope to get this solved soon.

Best regards


Smoke alarms were easy to set up in ST, same as a ST device. They are now working in ST Home Monitor. Hardest part was screwing the backplates onto the wall/ceiling.

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After reading about Frient in this post, and a need for replacing my Aqara Door Sensors, I ordered a Frient Entry Sensor from Amazon to test it.

At first you notice it’s pretty large as compared to other brands, but that’s due to the fact it takes 2x AAA batteries, but hopefully they will last a decent amount of time. It has a tiny LED on it which flashes when the Sensor opens and closes which I like as it gives feedback and considering it takes AAA batteries, I think it can afford a couple of tiny flashes a day :slight_smile:

If all goes well with this, I may eventually replace all my Aqara Sensors with this one.