Frient Intelligent Heat Alarm

Hello, I just got form amazon, without checking the manufacturer site, a frient intelligent heat alarm (Intelligent Heat Alarm - Zigbee heat and fire detector for smart home - frient), and I haven’t check if it works with ST. Knowing that the smoke alarm works with ST I assumed that all frient products are. Any idea of how to integrate?

Same with frient air quality sensor (Air Quality Sensor - Zigbee monitor of VOC levels, humidity, and temperature - frient)

Tagging @RBoy to provide some help on this.

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Many of the device integrations are complete. For the remaining devices (including the heat alarm, air quality sensor and adding advanced features to some existing devices) we’re waiting on Frient to proceed. I would recommend reaching out to them and request for the SmartThings integration to help speed things up.


Did the heat alarm ever get supported in ST?

I’m unable to check the model number any more when you add a device in ST