We recently got a 55” Frame tv.

First one we couldn’t activate the Art Mode, they sent another - same problem, now in the third and quests what?

No Art Mode.

Samsung have been useless. The retailer have been useless.

Basically if we select Art Mode by the power button in the Smart Remote it goes to standby.

If we use the Art icon - it goes to standby.

Any help appreciated

Try entering the Art mode using the SmartThings App

Ive tried it via the App too but it does the same thing

Are you able to set the art mode features? meaning picking your favourite pictures, setting a slideshow?

The options are there for selecting a picture, but cannot preview or set it.

Also can’t adjust colour, contrast etc on the Art Mode Settings

If I select the Art Store membership it says to continue registration on the Frame - which I can’t do

See the firmware is totally wrong, try to install an updated version from this link: