Smartthings Automation Improvement - 2019 Samsung TVs

Not sure if this is the best place for this, hoping someone from Samsung sees it and considers it.

I like to turn off my TV of a night time via an automation, but then am unable to go back to Art Mode automatically the next day without intervening. I like to have my TV displaying Art during the day time as I am WFH and it blends in better than a plain black screen on the wall.

I think it would be a great improvement if TVs which supported Art/Ambient Modes could automate the ON action to go into Ambient/Art mode as a source (or another menu item) rather than fully turning on.

EG. IF {08:00, Every Day}
THEN {Samsung The Frame, On, Change Source Art Mode}

or (with a new item)

EG. IF {08:00, Every Day}
THEN {Samsung The Frame, On, Art/Ambient Mode On}

Could this be done via an App update potentially, as the app can already go into Art Mode?..

This forum was set up a number of years ago for peer support so that customers with the smartthings hub could help other customers. It is not an official support channel and there aren’t any Samsung employees assigned to follow it.

Instead, you should post your suggestions on the official Samsung support forum, which has a section for televisions. There are employees assigned to work there.

You can also make the suggestion on the official Twitter or Facebook channels.:sunglasses:

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Thanks for the Reply @JDRoberts - funnily enough it was that forum that pointed me here, so I posted it back on the Samsung forum…

To save the thread going to waste, what are peoples views on being able to use SmartThings Automation to control Art/Ambient Mode?

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I think its a valid use case and am kinda surprised it doesn’t work since Samsung is trying unify into the SmartThings app. Looks like Samsung it still trying to work out what can be automated vs manual control only. recently they pulled the ability to automate their own robot vacuums :exploding_head:

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