Forum anomaly with link to SmartThings app when viewed on Galaxy phone

Using a Samsung Galaxy S10 with all updates in place and the latest version of Smartthings app, why does the link to download smartthings from the Galaxy store at the bottom of the forum give the below screen shot result

Because they have linked to a watch app rather than the mobile app.


So it’s not linked to the Galaxy store version of the ST app and the watch app has been removed but the link remains.
Well at least there is parity with all things ST :roll_eyes:


Well at least you can get it working… i bought a galaxy tas S7 for my wife and she is the primary user. If i switch to my user it wont let me install smartthings

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Placing your forehead on the desk surface and sobbing is a valid response to your findings Andreas…

The link isn’t actually broken as such. You can see it from a desktop browser. It just goes tits up when they try to get clever with the Galaxy Store app.

It may be they were trying to link to the ST app in the Galaxy Store but chose the wrong thing.