Please Help me think this through. could my new router be the issue?

So to recap. Smarthings worked GREAT for me until 2 weeks ago tomorrow. 41 things, countless apps and scenarios. Then my hub (v2) suddenly died. No Lights. ST sends me another. Last Friday I spend over 4 hours on chat with ST about the new hub. Things don’t work… then they do, then they don’t… things won’t pair, then they do, then they don’t. Finally goes back to working late on Friday only to get up Saturday to nothing working at all. ST sends me yet another new hub. Came in late today and I have not yet touched it. Planned on starting that painful process tomorrow… then something happened. I sit down at my desktop about a half hour ago, and had a pop up saying I had an IP conflict… ummmmm that got me thinking. Back on about May 4th, I installed a new router…today makes the third time since then I got the IP conflict message… (I have no clue what to do about it)… question, is there anyway my ST problems could be router problems? Now, everything worked fine with the new router for 3 weeks… I mean completely fine, no issues… Just a thought I wanted to clear up just in case before I have to start all over again. Thanks

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JDRoberts trying to tag you as you have been so helpful with all my issues…

It’s always possible that the router is involved, but I would think support would be able to see if you are losing Internet connection to the cloud. I’d mention the new router to them and see what they say.

Are we doing strictly DHCP on the new router or have you made any address reservations in there? Were you using any static ip addresses in the old router configuration?

I have a mixture in my home. IP cams have static IP addresses for example so I can port forward them or access from outside my network.

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LOL… I read your post and it was all “greek” to me… I setup the router per the instructions out of the box…

will do… and 10

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Well it would certainly seem unlikely then that you did anything like that. I’d say there is a real possibility that the new router is the source of your problem. Can’t explain why it worked fine for several weeks and then created a problem but assuming you are seeing this message on your PC and that all devices are getting their ip addresses from the router, something has definitely gone awry in that relationship.

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An IP conflict is typically caused when a client (i.e. your desktop) doesn’t renew an expired lease. Renewal normally happens automatically, but it’s not the router’s responsibility to ensure clients renew their IP leases, and routers are free to reassign expired IP’s to other devices. This could be the cause of your IP conflict.

If the ST hub was assigned a recently expired IP, which then resulted in a conflict with your desktop, I’m sure some weird things could happen.

I suggest trying the following:

  1. Unplug the ST hub from the router.
  2. Open a command prompt as admin (google it if you don’t know how)
  3. Type ipconfig /release and press enter
  4. Type ipconfig /renew and press enter
  5. Reconnect the ST hub to the router (it should now be assigned a free IP)

Not saying any of this will actually solve the ST issue unless the IP conflict is the actual cause, but it’s worth a shot. If your hub is still having problems after resolving IP conflicts, you’re back in ST support’s hands. :wink: Oh, and I guess the point of all this is that it’s not necessarily the router’s fault either … but maybe all your networked devices haven’t been properly introduced to the new router.

FYI, I’m not really a network guy, but I’ve hung around my net admin enough to be dangerous :smiley:

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