For Sale: Ecobee 4 $180

(Zach Huett) #1

I have a Ecobee4 brand new in the box for sale for $220. It was only used for a couple weeks but my return policy has expired. 1 Room Sensor, Power Extension Kit, and and all other items that come in the box are included. I will ship for free inside the 48.

(John P. Hoke) #2

Brand New in the Box that has been used for a couple weeks?


(Zach Huett) #3

Haha your right! It is back in the box. It is new but it was used for a couple weeks so you wont get the satisfaction of peeling off the plastic…

(John P. Hoke) #4

Sorry, its not “new” its used … unless its certified pre-owned (aka Refurbished).

Once you take it out and connect it - its no longer new … perhaps ‘newish’ but not new

(Kevin) #5

“like new”

(Daniel Ionescu) #6

Is this what you call Field Tested?

(Zach Huett) #7

Haha i appreciate your clarifications.


You are probably going to have to undercut Ecobee 4 like new from Amazon - $202.88.


with lowes coupon $40 off $200, this is 210$ plux tax spanking new :sunglasses:not counting the energy rebates offered by utility companies with lowes receipt.

it’s going to be a tough sale, good luck.

(Realy Living Dream) #10

I got 2 of them for $49ea with the instant energy rebates.


If it’s only 2 weeks old, just return it.

(Mark) #12

Looks like the OP already thought of that.

(Zach Huett) #13

Good info! Any intrest at $180?

(Zach Huett) #14

Sold. Thanks for the help!