Ecobee 4 on sale for $199 now

The Ecobee 4 is on sale at Amazon and a number of B&M retailers today for $199. Highly recommended and works great with SmartThings. I have the 3 myself.

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This also includes Lowe’s today. Just ordered one with a string of Christmas Lights and used a $40 off coupon too. Plus being in National Grid territory there’s a rebate available on top.

Thanks for the report.

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I cannot recommend this thermostat enough. I pulled 12-conductors between my thermostat and furnace just to take advantage of all it has to offer.

I have a Nest. Sell me on the Ecobee?

I picked mine up from Lowe’s and installed it last night. Awesome deal with the coupon generator.

Seems to be working but 2 minor aesthetic things I notice as I look at it…

-the back 2/3 of the case is white, pretty much every pic I have seen must be front on because I assumed it was all black. Sure I’ll get used to it, but I think it would look better all black

-also in every pic I have seen the screen looks very black like my Samsung S7 AMOLED display, but it is quite grey with the LCD backlight. End result is you can see the rectangular screen inside the nicely shaped rounded square much more clearly than any pictures I have ever seen.

Attachment shows Google image search on left, one pic does show the white back. On right 2 pics of my new one. To my eye the LCD is more visible than it appears in photos…

Oh, that is disappointing. I mean, yeah, it’s only aesthetic, but it’s different enough to feel a little…underwhelmed. Probably a great device, though, especially at a good price.

Just installed mine this evening too. So far I like it a lot however I share the observation about the screen not living up to the quality depicted in photos. I also question why the back is not black.

Although coming from a CT101 Radio Thermostat I find neither of these shortcomings to be objectionable.

Mine is gloss black as can be…are you two not removing the plastic?

I think those you are replying to are a tad smarter than that. :slight_smile:

My biggest gripe is that the back is an off-white color, not the mediocre display.

I had/have a CT10X that has a nice 70’s design too. Not overly impressed with ecobee so far. In addition to the looks not living up to the pictures on the box, I need to turn off the program, raise the lower temps, or RTFM because I keep having to turn the heat up.

@kevin, I agree with the design aesthetics of the CT101… I never cared for the look of it personally. My primary reason for migrating to the Ecobee was to get reliable scheduling. Using SmartThings as a t-stat scheduler was not intuitive nor was it reliable. I noticed the accuracy rate seemed to be declining recently with the Z-Wave power cycle events on my network. I’m hopeful that the Ecobee with its stand alone schedule, motion sensors to detect occupancy, and integration with ST will prove to be a more robust solution. I am most impressed thus far with the data gathering and reporting available on the Ecobee website.

All that aside, I would never have paid full price however. If it weren’t for the $199 sale, $40 Lowe’s coupon, and National Grid rebate, I never would have made the purchase.

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