Ecobee Father's Day Sale $199

I think this may be the lowest price ever for the second-generation Ecobee with one extra sensor:

Or about $260 with three extra sensors.

The Ecobee is a well-engineered Smart thermostat with its own additional sensors to allow for different types of zone control.

This is the model which is HomeKit – compatible, and works well with SmartThings using @yvesracine 's code.

He has six or seven different smart apps for different purposes. See the listings in the community-created wiki:

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Home Depot also has the $199 price until 6/22.

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@joshv02 beat me to it that brick and mortar stores ( Home Depot, BestBuy etc ) are offering the same ( ok $0.01 more) price . Also notable that these qualify for local utility rebates of up to $100 per unit in most areas of the US. So the final price is $99 . I don’t see the 2 pack of extra sensors for $55 anywhere other than Amazon though.


There is also a post on SD for 2 remote sensors for ~$55 @ Amazon.

Where do you see $55.00?

Ah, must have been a short-lived sale.

Check other sellers. Sold by Amazon are on sale the third party sellers are not.

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I was hoping would have this on sale too. Oh well.

While I was trying to find the Hue strips at HD last night I broke down and grabbed the Ecobee3. I am 99.9% certain that it is by far the easiest HA device to set up I have ever bought. Wire it up, enter code into the app … done. pull tab on the remote sensor and it finds it automatically asks for a name…done.
For some reason it did not recognize W1 wire was connected, but I am assuming it is just because the heat isn’t on since it is 75* today. I disconnected it, made a fresh cut and made sure it was in all thee way just to be on the safe side. I am not going to turn on the heat and set it to 80* just to test it. It can sit there and look pretty for the next 5-6 months until I actually need heat.

Lowe’s will pricematch HD and BestBuy.

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It was easier for me this time since I already installed a nest a few years ago. Now it’s getting used to the UI and finally got the schedule thing down.

Well I have the Honeywell wifi therms already. I would have bought 2 of the Ecobees, but I am on the Beta test for the new Honeywell and they are supposed to be scheduling a “professional installer” ( cringe ) to put it in within the next week If they don’t call to schedule soon I will be back getting a second one.

I just saw this in the Alexa mailer. Might be of use to someone. OOS right now, not sure how Amazon works the pricing. The one with the 3 sensor package looks appealing also.