Buy my ecobee3

(Kevin Gibson) #1

Anyone interested in buying up my ecobee3? Pre-ordered the 4 so would have to work out the timing to match up with when it arrives.


(Mohit Sood) #2

How much do you are asking for it?

(Kevin Gibson) #3

Good question. I would hope to work with someone to make them a fair deal. Maybe $125 with one sensor? What do you think is fair, let’s see if we can meet somewhere in the middle?

(Mohit Sood) #4

how old is it? Can send me few pictures of it?

(Kevin Gibson) #5

Sure I will try and snag a few tonight. It is 8 months old. I have the box and both hole cover frames and all the documentation and everything.

(Dale C) #6

What version of the ecobee3 is it? Is it the later model with HomeKit integration?

(Kevin Gibson) #7

Yes Homkit Integration.

(Ron Talley) #8

$125 with 1 sensor is a great price! Already have 2 but with a price like that, I might have to put a mini-split in the dog house!

(Sean) #9

Is this still available pm me

(Kevin Gibson) #10

It is pending payment. If it falls through you are next in line.

(Kevin Gibson) #11

This is sold.