Ecobee 3 $199 from shop.ecobee

(Realy Living Dream) #1

Ecobee is having a " earth month " sale. Ecobee3 for $199 & Free prio shipping.

(Michael Harman) #2

Anyone have an internal referral code they want me to use on ecobee’s website? I’m going to give it 30 minutes then I’m just placing the order.

(Realy Living Dream) #3

AFAIK the referral bonuses ended 12/31/16. But feel free to say I referred you :slight_smile:

(Michael Harman) #4

Haha, of course they did. They’ve still got the box on their checkout page.

(David) #5

I just wonder if they dropped in price b.c the ecobee3 lite is now able to use room sensors. That’s what I saw on my latest update on my phone. I can not think of any new features they could add. I have the ecobee3 and it rocks as it is.

(Realy Living Dream) #6

They have the $199 deal fairly often. It seems to be their go to sale price.

(David) #7

Yeah, I have seen that as well.

(David) #8

Looks like ecobee is creating a new generation thermostat. It’s called ecobee4 with voice control built in. No word yet on when it will be released.


I ended up getting 2 Ecobee3 lite’s on ebay for $115 each brand new sealed. Since you can use the sensors with the lite now, this seems like the best deal.

(David) #10

Yeah, that’s a great deal!!