Flashing red light V2 hub

I just setup my v2 hub last night and this morning I received an alert that the hub was offline. I checked the hub and there is a red flashing light. I tired taking batteries out holding reset but nothing worked. Any ideas?


Is it also plugged into power? The batteries are only supposed to last a few hours. And it doesn’t recharge rechargeable batteries, by the way.

If it is plugged in the power and you’re getting the red light, contact support@smartthings.com

It’s connected to power. I contacted support. Thanks for the quick response.

You probably should contact support. support@smartthings.com

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If it’s actually a pinkish light, blinking means it’s downloading a firmware update. That could make sense for a new install.

It looks more red than pink.

I found a reason, maybe not the same reason as the original post. I forgot to plug mine in and it ran on the original batteries overnight. Drained batteries, no power equals blinking red light.

Exactly. For some reason they forgot to tell everyone that a red blinking light means the mains power is dead and you are running on battery. your breaker tripped, or in my case the power filtering strip took a surge and protected the device and blew it’s protection MOV causing the power loss.

I replaced my surge protector and it came back up perfectly. They really need to fix their documentation.

Just want to say that I noticed 2 types of blinking red last night.

One is the normal once a sec blinking red while another is dimmer, faster blinking red.

I only see the dimmer, faster blink when I unplug the power supply. But after I replaced the battery, it become the slower blinking red even without power plugged in. I checked the old batteries that I took out and they seems to be still in a good shape. So I am not sure what the cause was.