V2 Hub went offline today and will not return

My Hub went offline today. When I got home I had a green flashing light. So I unplugged (I don’t use batteries since no offline devices) and plugged back in… Nothing, hub still inactive.

When I first plug in it displays a red light then no lights at all.

I can ping the hub and it reports that it was reached. (NOTE: Just noticed the ping says 45169 seconds ago so that’s over 12hrs, guess it isn’t really pinging it but rather reporting LAST PING)

Not sure what to do next.

I’m sure that’s frustrating!

The best thing to do is just to contact Support@smartthings.com They’ll be able to look at some things from their side that we don’t have access to. I hope they find a fix for you soon.

I imagine you already looked at this, but just in case:

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Got it back online. Turns out the network cable was lose on the network switch (broken toggle).

Found this thread which made me check that. I would have expected some light status if network not connecting like flashing blue but apparently that is not working. So red and then dark means no network connection.