V3 hub flashing red not doing nothing

Hi all
Apologies if this is in the wrong place eg …

Anways I’m having a problem with my ST v3 hub I got a notification saying offline (my hub alway been wired) and no its not my cable currently have 500+mb Internet and have not got any issues with connection

I’ve unplugged
I’ve held down the reset button until the yellow light flashes fast until solid yellow let go of reset button light flashes blue 4 time then gose to purple for half a second then back to flashing red.

It will then continue to flash red 83 time then turn blue for 10 flashes and back to flashing red and will continue to do so until I get bored and unplug it

This hub has only had 2 smartthings outlets connected to it that all this hub is just other a year old.(no its not overheating cold to the touch )

Again I apologise for this terrible post but at the end of my tether and will soon be using my hub as a hammer

Any help is appreciated unlett you tell me to use the reset button as its been dont many of time

Red flashing lights are not good. Usually a hardware issue with the hub and related to power or heat events. Call support.

did your area have any storms and/or power surges lately?

are you able to see if the hub is getting an IP address on your LAN and are you able to ping that LAN IP?

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Hi sorry for late reply

Nope I’m unable to see any kind of IP or any thing when plugged in

Not had any power outages or storms

Any chance you have a power supply somewhere that might work? (Sorry don’t have the specs on the v.3 wallwart) Try a different power supply and see if it stops the red indicator light. That is probably the only user-end test you can do at this point. I don’t know how helpful it’ll be though - I’ve never seen/heard someone recover a hub with a red blinky. I’d be on the phone with support trying to get a replacement if its under warranty.

Tried different power supplies
Think It may be time to give them a call

Thank you for your help/advice greatly appreciated

sounds like your hub v3 bit the dust. rarely hear about hub v3 going out, but once in a while you hear about a hub v2 stops working on power, but still works on battery due to a chip failure.