First time user very lost in setup: some Arlo questions and general getting started concerns


Bought a Schlage lock that uses Z-wave. Today I should have my Smarthub V3 delivered today. Looking at app a head of time I saw that I could also connect my Arlo, Honeywell, and Ring door bell. I liked the idea of a singe app to do most everything. I started to play with the app. At first I downloaded the “non classic” app and I was so lost. It looks to have taken out my wireless Arlo cameras and now I have to resync them to my base. Hope that will fix it.

Then after all the issues and searching I found out there was a classic version of the app. In searching this group is it correct to say that I should be using the classic app and not the new version yet?

Also I want to setup my Arlo cameras like I do my Arlo app. When either my wife or I are home some camera’s disarm. But while asleep or away they will all arm. I think I found out how to add this in the classic app but I am not seeing that in the new app. It looks like that is available in the classic app. Am I correct with this?

Thank you for your help. Just having a learning curve with this software.

Welcome! :sunglasses: Smartthings is very powerful, but not very intuitive. Do feel free to ask any questions in the forums and someone will try to help.

You will need the new app (“smartthings (Samsung connect)” or STSC) to set up your new hub, but after that most people prefer to use the classic app for now. See the following (this is a clickable link)

Meanwhile, there are quick browse lists in the community – created wiki which can help you more quickly find things in this forum, because the search here isn’t very good.

In particular, if you look down near the bottom of that page for the “project reports” section and then choose the “get started“ list, you will probably find quite a few topics that will be of interest.

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