New Fire Tablets today only $39.99

If you’re looking for a new Smarttiles tablet.

I’m tempted, even though I’m entirely an iOS guy. How much rooting is involved in making this work?

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as long as the tablet has a web browser, there should be no rooting involved. SmartTiles is a web based interface served up from your smartThings cloud.

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Seems like most people don’t much like the included Silk browser. That’s what made me wonder.

Me, I’ve never even held a Fire tablet. Not yet anyway.

Download a file to your pc, extract, turn on tablet, attach, set dev mode (don’t enable wifi) hit a few buttons on the pc, burn a ROM. Five minutes tops after you download the rom too.

Just got a third cuz why not.

@michaelahess you make it sound so easy. I’m getting a fire 7 tomorrow. Have you got a simple guide to link to for flashing a custom Rom like CM? And do you think I’ll have to downgrade the fire os FIRST, before I do anything? I’ve read so much, seen so many videos I’ve made myself dizzy and confused.

Read this

You need to root your tablet, install custom recovery install custom rom and whatever else you need.
Michael Hess’s description of the process is wrong.
The link I posted will take you to sites with info and instructions from people who really did it.


Rootjunky is the guy to use for this kind of thing, here’s the actual site, but the xda resources in the liliputing article are all you need.

Rooting is fun lol, I think it took me like 10 tries total lol

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Just read the instructions first, a few times, get it right in your head, then do it slowly, the root tool makes it super easy but you still want to understand what you are doing!

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I would say its more than just the instructions but also very critical to read the XDA thread. As pointed out in the thread not every version of KingRoot works. I had to switch to a version not provided in the Super tool. Once I switched the version root was achieved.

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I think life was much easier when you girls flashed your Fires. These are trickier times, and Amazon is constantly closing the exploits and making things harder. cannot be rooted, nor downgraded,
5.3.2 can not be rooted, but can be downgraded can be rooted but not downgraded
5.1.4, 5.1.3,, 5.1.2 cannot be downgraded to 5.1.1 or lower
trying to downgrade lower than 5.1.2 will brick the Fire (2015 7in)
5.1.1 cannot be downgraded, trying will brick the Fire (2015 7in)

I’m hoping my new one doesn’t arrive with tomorrow, I won’t turn WiFi on, fingers crossed I can roll back to previous version and install an intelligent Rom on there for smart tiles.

I got mine last week and it arrived with

Don’t register it to your account and immediately start rooting it because it will download the updated once you connect it to wifi which is required for king root.

I’ve had success with 5.1.1, 5.1.4, and 5.3.1. The last one was the easiest. Like @dshokouhi said, don’t turn on WiFi or go through setup or anything. Plug it in and run the root tool. If you have to do stuff on it first (can’t remember) shut down your router/ap to be on the safe side!

Remember you need WiFi on during root process because it needs to grab the methods from online. I kept getting network errors when I was running it.

Wow, I don’t remember that ever been necessary. I’ll stop giving advice as I’ve apparently forgotten everything! :slight_smile:

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WiFi on the tablet needs to be on during the operation? Oh something else to worry about

And where did you get this from…?

“Five minutes tops after you download the rom too.”

Good job I’m not a lawyer because this would never stand up in court.

I’m not sure I follow you…

In addition to his own admition

I actually gave up on this. I can’t program for sh*t and even though I was making what seemed like logical changes, they by and far, were not! :slight_smile:

Half forgiven.

Oh I see you both were responding about my message from back in May. That’s how I did it back then as I’d just done the second one a few days before that, and I assume my third went the same as I don’t recall wanting to throw anything against a wall…But I did lie, it was 5.1.3 and not 5.3.1 that I did last…I think…

I’ve flashed dozens of devices, this was by far one of the easiest with that flash tool Rootjunky made, as long as you have a supported version, and follow the steps, it worked great.