Options for a visual display/monitor thats also a remote (so like a tablet I guess)


I don’t know if I am using the right keywords to search for previous posts about this kind of thing so if this has been answered 100 times before, please just point me toward that thread.

Anyway, I am considering adding a central touchscreen device that can be used as a smart home controller. I do have a couple of old Android tablets that could serve this purpose but I was wondering if there are any other/better options out there for this? I know that the Nest hub and the Echo Show more or less but I really do not like the echo shows for a lot of reasons but my home automation is primarily Alexa based (although many of the devices are actually ZigBee/z-wave devices through my ST hub) so I am wondering if there are other units on the market that are specifically made for this purpose.

In the end, it may be the best (and definitely cheapest) option to just use an old android tablet but I just wanted to ask the community that would know about this stuff to give me some recommendations if there are any besides android tablets, Nest hub, or echo show.


Look at a Fire Tablet with ActionTiles in the Fully web browser.

After you contact Amazon to get the ads removed, it basically acts as a generic Android tablet with the added benefit of Alexa Hands free and Show Mode.

Setup Fully to run the ActionTiles main dashboard and then go to town setting up ActionTiles your way.

You’ll end up with a full screen dash that can also answer as an Alexa device.

You can search on ActionTiles and Fully in the community site and you’ll find tons of people doing this and a setup script for the Fire Tablet.

Ok I will look into that, but could you elaborate on ‘once you contact amazon to get the ads removed’ ? That is the main reason I didn’t want an echo show because of all the adds and the constant “hey have you tried this?” suggestions (also the fact that netflix doesn’t work well or youtube) but if it was just a controller then thats not such a big deal. I realize you are talking about a different product but please elaborate if you find time to.

Thanks for quick reply, will be looking into this while they are still on sale.

You can contact Amazon support and for a fee (about $15USD per tablet) they will disable the banner ads.

The keyword you are looking for is “Dashboard.” :sunglasses: Go to the quick browse lists in the community created wiki. Look down near the bottom of the page for the “project report” section, then choose the “dashboard“ list. Some of the threads will be about software options and some will be about tablet options and mounting methods.

There are two very popular third-party dashboard software options which have a license fee, but many people find the fee well worth paying. Both have free trials. You will see these mentioned many times: actiontiles and sharptools. Both allow for a customized display, and both run in a web browser so you can choose pretty much any tablet that has an Internet connection. (There are also some free versions which usually have fewer features.)


Or you can just go directly to the following recent thread:

Sharptools , actiontiles or native ST app for your wall panel? (2019)


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I have a fire tablet just running the actiontiles app with fireos. What’s the reason behind fully? I see it recommended everywhere. Is that to prevent someone from closing out actiontiles and poking around?

Basically yes, it also handles power management and screen resume on motion and a number of other things that are helpful in a Kiosk mode browser.

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