What’s a good touchscreen dashboard for SmartThings?

Hey Group

Hoping someone has done this already that can guide me in a direction please

Id like to have a small touchscreen device that can show some cameras of my choice, the weather, and a couple device controls maybe. I did see Tiles but haven’t dug deep into it.

So, What is my best route for a device that can run what I need and which app loaded on it.

Thanks in advance hopefully everyone is staying healthy.

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Relying to my own topic

I searched and am currently playing with Sharp Tools which looks like everything I need n more



Depends how much of a programmer you are. Also take look at Actiontiles and Housepanel


Amazon Fire tablets using ActionTiles is a popular option.


The following thread is from a few months ago but has good comparisons of the various options. :sunglasses:

Sharptools , actiontiles or native ST app for your wall panel? (2019)

p.s. that was one of the last threads that @tgauchat participated in as he passed away the next month. RIP Terry, he is much missed in the community.


That was AWESOME!!

Yes, Terry was a great guy and a great asset to the community. :disappointed_relieved: I just wanted to mention his passing for anyone who followed the link to that thread so they would know not to post questions for him directly.

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Thank you for all the replies!
I just picked up the Kindle HD 10"

This will be my Easter project

Thanks again!


Happy Easter! I’m one of the co-founders and lead developers of SharpTools.io dashboards, so feel free to reach out if there’s anything I can help with. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are SharpTools.io and the SharpTools android app related?

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Yes, they’re both developed by the same people. :smiley:

At the moment, they operate independently. eg. The SharpTools Android app is focused on Tasker Plugins and Widgets. And you would view your SharpTools.io dashboard in a web browser like Chrome, Fully Kiosk Browser, Safari, etc.

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Put a huge tablet in your wall and use a combination of sharp tools & tinycam, that’s the best option IMO :slight_smile:

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