Wife's iPhone as presence sensor

I installed the SmartThings app on my wife’s iPhone and added it as a presence sensor. It shows up under the list of “Things” on the dashboard, however when I go to the “Home & Family” section it only lists my device. Even when I go to that section under her phone it only shows my iPhone. When I go to the event history for her phone on the IDE site it seems as though it’s logging her comings and going, but I’m not sure why it isn’t showing up in the app itself at all. Any thoughts? I’m new to ST so am not sure if this is normal or if I did something wrong.

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Easy-peasy: Just click the gear icon in the Home & Family page (top right), then scroll down to the bottom where you can import additional presence sensors.


Wow, I had this same exact issue and I was very confused as well thinking I setup something wrong.

Thanks for the answer Barry, our phones work perfect now under the “Home & Family” sections.

That gear icon can sure be sneaky sometimes! :smile: