When will there be a migration tool?

When will there be a migration tool? Its been over a year since the promise of a migrating tool and I for one am holding steady before leaving v1. I am not having nearly the issues I see v2 people complaining about… I am not getting any answer to this. Thank you.

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You have your own answer (well…sort of).

V2 has not shown the stability of V1. Why would they offer a migration tool to help transition more stable V1 users to a less stable V2 hub?

I’m not trying to be cynical here.

I’m on V1 and have no intention of jumping the fence until the grass is greener.

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Me too! I’ve bought about $1000 of ST’s branded stuff for my house & my 2 kids house’s. My unboxed V2 hub is what, 7 months old now?

Will somebody at ST’s please tell us when the promised migration tool will be available!


I just head back from support. Here is the official party line as of today 5/17/2016.

“We do still have a migration tool in the works. It is not completely and does not have as much attention as it used to, however it is still something that we plan to make as it would make lives easier for our users. We haven’t heard a good ETA on the migration tool, but it’s something that is still actively being worked on. My apologies for the trouble, I wish I had more information to give on the topic”.

Based on this response my bet is there will be a V3 hub long before there is a migration tool. It’s simply not going to happen. So I think the choices are simple. Manually move to V2 or stick with V1. Personally I will stay on V1 until I see a strong need to move. Such as end of life or a function I need or want that only works with V2. Cameras come to mind, but I have a much better stand alone solution for that. Hope this info help.

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This is disappointing that a ST rep would say it doesnt have the attention that it used to. Keep in mind though, a migration tool is not only for v1->v2 situations, but rather for any hub replacement/upgrade in the future. It’s an important part of the ST platform that needs to be addressed is ST wants to build a great ecosystem.

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Here’s Ben’s reply from Being sent a replacement hub, how do I migrate? on the question of how long before it’s ready:

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Here is a quote from my Amazon review done last year.

“Most people on V1 as I am have invested hours in setting devices up just to find out they released a V2. However, there is no way to migrate to V2. In fact, moving from v1 to v2 requires much more work than the original setup because you have to remove every SmartApp and every device from the old hub before they will join the new one. The only comparison I can make to this is, let’s say you accidently delete a document like the one I am typing here. Instead of having to retype it again, you would have to un-type it first. Meaning you would first have to type the entire document backwards, letter by letter and then type it forward again. It is the most ridiculous migration of anything I have ever seen and I have been in the IT world for a very long time”.


What is your better camera solution. I want cameras but not a massive weekend task