Fibaro switches - 2nd Channel not responding


So yesterday saw a long awaited day, the 12 223’s and 212 fibaro switches ive had for a while were finally added to my lighting circuits.

Smartthings picked them up as fibaro’s double switch 2 ZW5’s and assigned two switches per unit

The problem ive got, is CH2 of each switch just sits on “checking status” and then times out and cannot be connected to by the app. The app however will allow me to utilise and operate CH1.

Ontop of this, due to the current issues with the IDE not allowing any DH to be installed, until that is fixed (if it ever is), im using what i would guess is smart things own DH for these switches.

Anyone have any insight as to why CH2 isnt working through the app? (to confirm, i can utilise the buttons on the wall to activate CH2 and this operates fine, i dont believe the modules are the issue but rather smart things)

Just to add to the above, i did some looking at the event log in the IDE . It is seeing the switch change states as well as reporting power consumption back to the hub

For whatever reason the app seems to be the one that is unresponsive with it. All switches in the house properly report on the app aside from the 2nd Channels of each switch?

I have the same with my Aeotec dual switch. See my post : Aeotec ZW132 Dual nano switch UK

Does the second switch work in the classic app?

I don’t have the classic app still and couldn’t see it on the store or I’d give it a go. All my house is wired with these and right now can only automate half of them due to this

Hi, what driver are you using? I use Eric Maycock’s (aka erocm123) ‘Fibaro Double Switch 2 FGS-223’ driver.
I installed my switches a year ago and used the ecocm123 driver was far better than the Smartthings driver.

Classic app :

Ah, yeah found it after I posted.

So the system works just the app is the issue then