Fibaro double switch FGS-223 issue

Hi all;
I own a STv2 hub and most of my place has fibaro double switches (FGS-223).
back in the day, I used the ST classic app to pair and connect my network.
classic app is not working anymore and with the new app, I can get it to recognize the fibaro double switch (it will say its a double switch) but eventually I will have only a single switch I can turn on and off.
I have tried paring numerous times and also factory reset the module but the results are the same.
any suggestions?
thanks in advance

Hi @Guy_Katz

It will probably have automatically migrated or been paired to an Edge Stock driver now instead of the groovy DTH which is going away by the end of the year.

This new device has both switches on the same component.
In the details view you will see the two switches and the buttons for the scenes

@Mariano_Colmenarejo thanks. I do not understand your answer…
can you please explain what you mean? or what I need to do?
in my smart things hub I see the product as a single component like so:


Can you look at the three dots menu, top right?
Does the driver option appear? (controlador in Spanish)
If it appears, click on the to see which driver has been paired

thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo
there is no driver option…
here is a picture:

Well, then it has been paired with an incorrect DTH.

First see in the unasigned room. New devices appear in this room (last room)

Enter the smartthings IDE page and see what type of DTH it has and change it to the Fibaro double switch zw5 DTH

@Mariano_Colmenarejo first of all thanks for the help.
I have checked via the IDE and these are the types:

all my double switches are configure like this:
a ‘parent’ with the double switch type
a ‘child’ with the double switch - usb type
the module I am reffering to has the same thing
however, when I try to access the ‘child’ it appears not as a switch at all see below parent is ‘kids’ and child is ‘panda’,
there is no on/off for panda at all…

panda looks like its not a switch at all…
here they are side by side in the IDE:

This is very strange, have DTHs stock executed in the cloud

Has it happened to all your fgs-223 devices or just the one you have paired now?

Anyway, the groovy DTHs will disappear by the end of the year and are supposed to automatically migrate to an edge driver at some point.

If you want to manually pair it to a stock smartthings edge driver or one developed by the community you can, but you will have to rebuild your automations as you will have to exclude and re-include the devices.

only this module is problemartic…
all the rest work fine and look like a switch with on/off
I will try to replace this module tommorow and see
i am out of ideas…
thanks for helping!!

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