Can’t get S1 working on fibaro double switch 2. S2 working fine!

Hi all,

I recently had to reinstall a fibaro double switch.

When I try to add it to SmartThings, only channel 2 comes up in ide.

The physical switch works fine so doesn’t feel like it’s a wiring problem.

Any ideas please?

Hi @Femibw
What model is FGS-223?
what controller do you use, DTH or an edge drive?

Yes it’s an fgs223. Using a SmartThings hub. Using bespoke handlers which seem to be working on other fgs223 I have installed in other switches at the mo

They should be paired with the following DTHs:

S1 with:

Fibaro Double Switch 2 ZW5

S2 with:

Fibaro Double Switch 2 USB

Thanks. I just literally can’t see an s1 to edit the settings off. I’ll look again. Thanks

You may need to exclude and re-include the device to get it working fine again.
My experience, You have to pair it very close to the hub.

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