Fibaro Double Switch 2, Second switch doesn’t work with new Smart Things App


I recently moved to the new SmartThings App and I’ve noticed that the secondary output (Q2) on my Fibaro Double Switch 2 devices shows up as with a crossed through cloud. This is the same on all three of these devices however the first switch works fine. I’ve attached a screen shot as it shows up differently to devices that are offline altogether.

I checked back on the old app and these devices work fine, they also show as online via the web GUI.

Completely stuck, I don’t want to start removing switches from the wall to get to the devices as the switches have been sealed back and will require decorating.

Exactly same situation for me :frowning: currently researching on solution …


The DTH needs to be updated, child devices are handled differently in the new app. See the following conversation (The topic title is a clickable link)

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Thx for your prompt reply.
I tried, deleted child devices , changed the DTH and updated

it did create a channel 2 child device in IDE, but I cant find the device in the new smartthings app . Am I missing something ?


It would be best to ask your question in the other thread, there are some people there who have it working but I don’t know all the details.