Fibaro Smoke Sensors triggering Alarm via Sonos speakers

Hello all, I’m getting my feet wet in home automation and need some help getting my Fibaro smoke sensors setup correctly in Smartthings. I have the latest hub and was able to connect my smoke sensors correctly. I want to set up two routines;

  1. On smoke detected sound the alarm on my Sonos speakers. Want to do this later with added security devices as well. In ST home monitor under “smoke” I’ve set it up to sound an alarm on one speaker as per the attached screenshot. When testing the alarm (holding the b button until the alarm on the sensor fires) nothing happens on my speaker.

    I also tried to setup a routine to play a message but nothing happens on the speaker when testing.

  2. Send a notification to ST members. Also when testing the alarm this routine does not start.

Can this automation only be tested with a true smoke test?


It turns out that you cannot test the automation flows when pressing the B button for testing on the #fibaro smoke sensor. I did buy smoke test cans and did a real smoke test now. This works like a charm;
Fire alarm gets played on our Sonos speakers
Notifications get send to smartthings app on our phones.

The only things that would make it better if ST would be allowed to send critical alerts to iOS!