Doorbell Bell with sound to Sonos speakers?

Trying to move my home control system from a Fibaro HC2 to a SmartThing Hub v3, but I am stuck on how to solve my doorbell.

Current setup with the Fibaro HC2:
Have a Regular doorbell button connected to a Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor FGBS-001. When the doorbell button is pressed the Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor sends a signal to the Fibaro HC2 central that the doorbell button have been pressed and a scen is triggered that makes two of my Sonos speakers play a .mp3 file that is stored on my NAS.

So what can be done in the SmartThings, playing the file from the NAS is not an must have function. Have seen in the Smart Home Monitor setup that apart from turning on the Sirens if security is breached you can send DoorBell sound (or Dogs barking sound) to the speakers. So there are already sound files in the SmartThing Hub that could be used. but how do I do that?

Simply put, if a button is pressed how do I make the Sonos speakers play the DoorBell sound that is stored in the SmartThing Hub?

If you have the Sonos and Doorbell integrated with ST already, you should be able to, in the App:

  1. Go to automation
  2. SmartApps
  3. Add a Smart App
  4. Music and Sounds
  5. Speaker Companion
  6. Play a notification
  7. Pick a sound
  8. Pick a speaker
  9. Pick a trigger (your button being pressed)

That looks easy, will try it out.

Are there other options if I want to use my own .mp3 files?

i use bigtalker2, a montion event plays a custom (text) message on my google homes
i also use the smartlighing app to turn on a z-wave siron in the garage for when im out back