Cant get arlo siren or sonos audio alerts working

So I have my Smarththings Hub working, a door sensor working, and my hue and other lights integrated so when my alarm is triggered the lights turn red and I get text and email notifications. But for some reason I can not get audible alerts working which include both my Arlo Siren and my Sonos speakers (I have selected “dark barking” as the sound alert).

In the “things” on my Smartthings app it clearly sees the Arlo siren which I added as well as my three Sonos speakers.

Is there something I am missing? I added those to go off when alarm triggered but they don’t.

Can you trigger the Arlo siren manually in the Arlo app?
If so, without looking too deeply right now. If you use a custom Rule, you can use the Alert with Sound with just about any sensor.


Yes I have confirmed I just made Arlo siren work with activating it through the app.

I would have to make a custom rule for each sensor that could get tedious. Shouldn’t it just work the way it is?

Another thought is to get a siren that is known to work with Smartthings anyone have one they personal have that can suggest one to me?

but wait, why also would my Sonos speaker “dark barking” audible alert also not be working even though I think I set it up correctly? Totally different system and second but different audible alert.

Has anyone here got Sonos speakers to do audible alerts?

OK, I just looked at my system. Select the gear icon at the top of the page in SHM and in the Rules section select Security. On the third page where you setup notifications, my system has a section that says Alert with Sirens. Click on that. On the next page, click on where it says Select Sirens. Your Arlo siren should be listed there. Select it and hit Save. Possibly your Sonos Speaker are there also.
If not, go back to the notifications page where it says Audio Notifications and see if your Sonos speakers are listed there. If so, select them just the same way you did for the siren.
If not. I can’t help you with that as i don’t own any Sonos speakers.


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Ok thank you Brian! I went back into those settings (I had thought I had them toggled right before) but I didnt actually click the word “siren” and select my siren which I did. Then the Sonos “barking dogs” I didnt change but went into those audible alerts anyway and saved all then tested and it worked great!

So now, does anyone know how to make the lights flash when alarm is in its triggered state? I have Phillips Hue bulbs and some Sylvania one that I have paired to my smartthings.

I have already had success in turning my lights RED color when alarm is triggered but does anyone know how to:
a.) get the lights to flash and/or turn colors(like flashing from red to blue would be great)
b.) once the alarm is disarmed turn the lights back to the color they were before?

After my alarm goes off even after disarming, then lights go back out however when I turn then back on they remain red in color.