Fibaro Smoke Sensor FGSS-001

Did this ever get sorted as I’ve purchased the fgss-001 and tried the device handler above but its paired but showing offline! Sorry I know this is a old post. Screenshot_20200503-081057_SmartThings|243x500

as per Tyler (ex-staff) - Fibaro asked us not to support the FGSS-001. If you’d like a supported device, please purchase a FGSS-002.

It’s been a long time since the last post, so I’ll ask. Has anyone been able to connect the FGSS-001 smoke sensor to ST during this time? Maybe it will work with the standard z-wave smoke edge driver?

You may want to ask @Mariano_Colmenarejoas, he has a driver for Z-Wave smoke detectors called Z-Wave Smoke Alarm Mc. I think I read something a long time ago about the Z-Wave implementation on that device not being compatible with the Z-Wave implementation in ST. Its also a very old device and I don’t think I would trust it for something so critical as smoke detection in my house!

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